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Upcoming CPR Shows

Know of an upcoming CPR show not on the list or any additional information about the listed shows? Please add it here. For directions or more info on a show, go to the venues page for more info...
Date Band(s) Venue City Info
8.25.00 Moloko Plus (now on NiceGuy Records), East Arcadia, Crossed Out Heirs, Dead Inside 413 Warner Cincinnati, OH all ages
8.26.00 dropkickmeJesus Cd Release Party.. w/ The Honor System, The Scrubs, Bottom Line, dropkickmeJesus The Buzz Cincinnati, OH all ages, $5, show starts at 8:30pm, email for more info
8.27.00 Cripsus Attucks, Miasma, The Scam, Allergic to Whores, Intergalactic Counsel The Columbia Performance Center Cincinnati, OH all ages, $5, 8pm, email for more info
10.3.00 Analcunt, Dead Inside Columbia Performance Center Cincinnati, OH all ages, $5, email for more info
10.20.00 Hellnation, Strong Intention, Darkest Hour, + TBA Columbia Perfomrance Center Cincinnati, OH all ages, $5, for more info

For more information on the venue, visit our venues page.